Katherine Lee Music

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Small Beginnings

Many years ago, following her coming to faith in Jesus, Katherine joined a small prayer group of young adults and realising the significance of praise and worship, taught herself the guitar. As long as she can remember she was always musically inclined and having previously learned to play the violin and a little piano, derived a lot of pleasure from playing by ear (although using fingers are always preferable!) Anyone who has done this knows what a painful experience it can be, both to the ears as well as the fingers!

After gaining a little proficiency in the guitar, songs started to emerge and take shape, becoming essentially an expression of her prayer life and conversation with the Lord, often both intimate and personal.

Involvement in music ministry deepened with her association with Youth2000 in the 1990’s where she was a regular member of the music ministry on retreats around England and Wales. This gave her the experience and opportunity of spending many hours in the Lord’s presence in the Blessed Sacrament, praying, singing and playing.

A Youth2000 Retreat

This was a time of great blessing and joy, during which she made many lasting friendships which continue to the present. Youth2000 continues to thrive and details of their conferences and ministries can be found on their website http://www.youth2000.org/

Adventures Abroad

In 1999 Katherine then went to volunteer at the community of The Lord’s Ranch in Vado, New Mexico in the United States of America where she again was involved in music ministry, amongst other responsibilities. She even had the opportunity to teach herself to play the drums to a basic level sufficient to fill in (excuse the pun) at the prayer meeting in El Paso.



Many songs were written during the next 5 years in the desert and Katherine had the opportunity to record some of them for the first time, using the small room at the shortwave radio station K.J.E.S. based at the Lord’s Ranch. Having gained a little knowledge of digital recording she managed to record and mix the whole thing herself. Her first album ‘Seek His Face’ was the result and thanks to the support of a friend, was later made into a cd when she had returned to the U.K.

Katherine’s first album

Music Ministry

Following her return, Katherine joined with Rosanne Walker in music ministry to support the healing teams at the Northern Catholic Conference, Liverpool and New Dawn Conference, Walsingham. This was an opportunity to provide prayerful, gentle and reflective music and singing which they then turned into a cd, ‘His Healing Love’ as an aide to continue the prayer and healing at home after the conference.

It was some time after this that Katherine met Matt Dean, an established and anointed worship leader at the Charismatic Day of Renewal in London, Euston. Matt shared her love for praise and worship, and had in fact already just recorded and mixed his own album ‘The Place Where I Begin’.

Contemplative and contemporary

Their first project was a contemporary, contemplative album called ‘Streams’ with Brother John Bosco C.F.R. under the name of Dean, Lee and Mills.

Dean, Lee and Mills

Praise The Lord!

Next followed Katherine’s solo album, ‘Love Has A Name’ which was recorded, mixed and mastered by Matt. The arrangements of her music were a collaborative effort between Matt, Katherine and Joseph Meigh (pianist and worship leader at New Dawn Conference, Walsingham). The resulting album was more than Katherine could ever have hoped for.

Album Cover – Love Has A Name

Katherine still writes and plays regularly. She is grateful to the Lord and for those He has sent into her life so far on the journey. It is her hope that the music is a blessing to those who hear it, conveying something of the Lord’s love for us all, bringing joy, healing, liberation and peace through the power of the Holy Spirit and the delight of the Father.